Brick Legacy

The spare parts specialists

More than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of components and spare parts for many application sectors

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Brick Legacy

Technical Consultancy

We support our customer in the development of all design and production phases of the requested supply

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Brick Legacy

From a single part to medium batches

Our quality cycle ensures high performance production, combining craftsmanship with the precision of highly technological numerical controls

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Components and spare parts for the major industrial sectors

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Special processing

Components of high technical complexity

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Rapid Prototyping

You can focus on the project, GBZ takes care of the prototype

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Our company

Artisan heart and state-of-the-art technology

Now in its second generation, the artisan tradition in which our company has its roots has evolved thanks to the application of new technologies and a young and constantly trained team: today we are a highly technological laboratory where the artisan know-how makes use of the most innovative numerical control machines.

Macchine utensili
Estrusione di plastica
Aeronautico e aerospaziale
Automazione industriale
Elettrico e idroelettrico
Rapid Prototyping

Contact us to get your prototype quickly!

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News from our world

GBZ News


Our digitalization one year on: company growth, new chances and job opportunities for turners and millers

One year ago GBZ embarked on a path of evolution and digitalization with Becom, to optimize the management of processes and shape an important renewal of the company, a real revolution to increase competitiveness and exploit the potential of a company where tradition and innovation come together.


Working in GBZ: the advantages of being in our team

GBZ cares about the well-being of its employees, that’s why our company policy provides economic benefits for all staff and their loved ones for both health care and physical activity.


Innovation, investments and enhancement of human resources: GBZ's path to excellence

In GBZ the evolution never stops, but it is the leitmotif that moves all our decisions to be able to offer our customers a range of targeted services, timely and always updated.