Machinery fleet

Constant technological innovation for an excellent result

The willpower to keep up with technological innovation in order to offer our customers a fast and high quality supply service motivates us to constantly invest in cutting-edge machinery that guarantees concrete results in terms of efficiency, speed and precision.

We carry out turning, milling, drilling for components in many materials, such as common steels, alloys, superalloys, non-ferrous metals, plastic materials, with the help of numerical control and traditional machines.

We can also perform surface treatments, such as broaching, toothing and grinding; surface treatments such as chrome plating, galvanizing, nickel plating, phosphate coating and bluing, metallizing, anodizing etc. and heat treatments thanks to the collaboration of qualified and certified partners.

Our machinery fleet is composed by:

  • Machining centre DMG Mori Seiki DMU 75 Monoblock 5 axes continuous control 3D Siemens 840 D (Axis X=750mm, Axis Y=650mm, Axis Z=560mm)
  • Partner Vantage Topwell TW1480 machining centre with divider (Axis X=1480mm)
  • Spinner machining centre VC750 XL version with Siemens CNC (Axis X=630mm Asee Y=530mm Axis Z=465mm)
  • Diamond machining centre AVM EV-1020-4 (X-axis X=1020mm Axis Y-axis Y=610mm Axis Z-axis Z=550mm)
  • Hurco TMX10MYSi M5 Multitasking Lathe with Y-axis and counter spindle (Max Turning Diameter 375mm Max Turning Length 627mm Axis X=223mm, Axis Z=670mm, Axis W=740mm, Axis Y=110mm)
  • Cnc lathe Biglia 565 (Max. turning diameter 290mm Axis Z=560mm, Axis X=170mm)
  • Motorized turning lathe with y-axis mod. B1250Y (Max. turning diameter 680 mm, Axis Z=1195 mm)
  • Geminis GHT3 Fagor CNC lathe (turning flange size 600mm – turning shaft diameter 350 L.3000mm)
  • Comev PICO2 CNC lathe (Ø MAX 700 z=2000)
  • Motorized CNC Lathe Biglia B 1250 M (Ø MAX 680 z=1195)
  • Delta Synthesis 650/400 grinding machine with Diastep 2
  • Hexagon Metrology CMM
  • 5-axis machining center Rema Control